11 gas explosions in last 48 hrs ; total 30!

With the four explosions caused by gas leaks yesterday (29), so far the Defence Ministry has received information on 30 such explosions, it is reported.

Although no gas cylinder exploded in these incidents, investigations have revealed that the explosions were due to gas leaks.

Two out of the 30 accidents were caused by the pipe exploding in the gas cylinders, and both cases were caused by gas filling in the pipe even after the regulator was turned off.

Based on current investigations, these explosions had been caused due to gas leaking from the mouth of the cylinder. It is assumed that this is due to an issue with the composition of the gas.

Eleven explosions due to gas leaks have been reported in several parts of the island during the past 48 hours.

The accidents occurred in Marawila, Padukka, Hanwella, Kekirawa, Manippai, Chilaw and Hatton.

A stove with a gas cylinder in a house on Marawila Garage Road also exploded yesterday (29).

No one was home at the time of the explosion.

An explosion has also occurred at a restaurant in the Malliappuwa area in Hatton yesterday (29) due to a gas leak.

While cooking in the restaurant, the gas pipe between the gas tank and the gas stove exploded and caught fire, damaging the restaurant.

A house in the Kekirawa area also caught fire due to a gas leak explosion. A gas leak has also occurred in a house in the Elpitiya area.

Four explosions due to gas leaks were also revealed on Sunday (28).

A pipe connected to a gas stove at a restaurant in the Arukwatta area in Padukka has exploded.

The owner stated that the explosion took place when the gas stove was not in use.

Similar blasts were reported in Ja-Ela, Tudella, Polgasowita, Siyambalagoda and Haliela Engaoyagama areas. Also, a gas cylinder that had been taken to a house in the Diddeniya area in Hanwella had exploded on Sunday night (28).

A regulator attached to a gas cylinder had exploded at a house in the Sema Irippuwa area in Kakkapalliya, Chilaw last on Sunday night (28).

The explosion occurred when the regulator was being removed from the cylinder.

A gas stove exploded in the Kandaroddai area in the Manippai Police Division in Jaffna on the 28th, according to the Manippai Police.

A gas stove had exploded while the cylinder was placed outside the kitchen of the house.

Police Media Spokesperson SSP Nihal Thalduwa however stated that no one was injured in the blasts.

Meanwhile, IGP Chandana Wickramaratne yesterday (29) issued a series of specific instructions to all police stations and OICs on how to conduct investigations into gas leaks, fires and explosions island wide.

The police spokesman further said that investigations have been initiated into the incidents of gas leaks, fires and explosions as per the relevant instructions.

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