16-year-old boy arrested over sexual abuse of teen girl

A 16-year-old boy had been arrested by the Padaviya Police on charges of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl at a washroom of a tuition class in Parakramapura, Padaviya.

The investigations have revealed that the incident had taken place about six months ago during the interval of the tuition class.

The girl is a resident of Padaviya Yaya-C Zone and the boy is a resident of Bogaswewa, Vavuniya.

The details of this incident came to light when the girl’s parents had invited a Shaman to perform a Thovil .

The girl had run away and had gone to the boyfriend’s house when Thovil had commenced fearing it was an attempt to end their relationship.

Accordingly, the girl’s parents filed a complaint with the Padaviya Police saying that the boyfriend had kidnapped the girl.

Subsequently, both students have been taken into police custody.

During police questioning, the girl said that she went to her boyfriend’s house of her own free will.

However, the police have produced the girl before a Judicial Medical Officer.

Medical examinations revealed that she has been sexually abused.

Accordingly, the boyfriend was arrested on the 24th.

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