2 SLPP MPs with Dullas, to be arrested!

Sources from the Presidential secretariat say that 2 MPs who are yet to return vehicles obtained from the secretariat car pool during the tenure of former  President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, could face arrest.

They are to be arrested under charges of misusing public property.

It is said that they had obtained these vehicles during the days of the ‘Aragalaya’, citing that it could be dangerous to use their own private vehicles at that time.

It is said that the value of these vehicles are nearly Rs. 50 million.

The MPs are namely Kalutara District MP – Lalith Ellawala and Anuradhapura District MP – K. P. S. Kumarasiri. Their vehicles are a Toyota Prado Land Cruiser (KT-7233) and a Toyota Hilux Cab (PH-4201).

Although many politicians have done the same during the days of the ‘Aragalaya’, everyone except these 2 MPs have returned the vehicles.

The 2 MPs, who backed former minister Dullas Alahapperuma, are now among those SLPP members who have crossed over to the opposition and are part of his Freedom People’s Council.

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