2019 Easter Attacks: Cardinal Calls For in-Depth Probe

By Dilanthi Jayamanne 

Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith urged the Government to stop conducting haphazard investigations in order to take legal action against a few and sweep the entire 21 April 2019 Easter Sunday attacks under the carpet. Briefing the Media in Colombo yesterday (13), he said there were several unsolved instances which still remained enigmas in the Easter attack. 

However, with a Police force that acts according to what the political leadership wants, the CID that acts according to the agendas of the political leadership, as well as a legal system that is controlled by the political leadership, there is a serious question as to whether it is possible to resolving those riddles. 

Cardinal Ranjith said a special letter, which was to be sent to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday (13), regarding the present situation on the probe into the Easter attacks, and few comments on the investigations, pointed out the urgent need to clear some of these points. 

For instance, who was behind the attacks, to whom were they beneficial and several other factors still remain a mystery and need to be cleared. He said that the document had been prepared by the National Catholic Proclamation Committee (NCPC) that comprises seven Bishops, Priests and scholars. The situation which was created at the time remains a danger to the country.

 Attempts by persons who contributed towards executing those attacks, by foiling attempts by the Police and the State Intelligence Service (ISS) to probe the persons who executed those attacks, that killed over 269 persons, were free and had even been awarded promotions. An in-depth probe has to be conducted, especially after the former Attorney General, Dappula de Livera’s claim that, the Easter attacks were a grand conspiracy.

 Therefore an independent group,that could not be politically influenced,should investigate these incidents which have been shrouded in mystery till now, starting from the disappearance of Pulasthini Rajendran and rumours that she fled to India, Cardinal Ranjith said adding that some of these issues had been brought up during the Parliamentary Debate on the Easter Attacks. The Cardinal warned that the Catholic clergy would not stop their struggle until justice was done to all those who lost their lives.

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