7.5 million covid vaccines to expire on October 31!

It was reported that 7.5 million Covid-19 vaccines at the Epidemiology Unit will expire on October 31st.

The Epidemiology Unit requested the people above the age of 20 to immediately go get the fourth dose.

Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Samitha Ginige said there are 14.2 million people over the age of 20 but 8.17 million people have not obtained the first booster dose against Covid-19.

With the increase in travel and the arrival of winter in European countries, the covid-19 virus may spread again by the end of the year and therefore, Dr. Ginige requested the people to obtain the booster dose immediately.

He said that vaccination can reduce complications and deaths, especially in people over 60 and those with chronic diseases.

Dr. Ginige also said that the Director General of Health Services has instructed to hold three vaccination centers in each Medical Officer of Health (MOH) area in the upcoming four Saturdays.

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