99.9% of politicians aren’t involved in environmental destruction – Wimalaweera

State Minister of Wildlife Wimalaweera Dissanayake has said he has realised that 99.9% of politicians are not involved in environmental destruction in the country.

“We are growing trees… Whether it be rubber, coconut or jackfruit, it is all forest… But that doesn’t imply that the forest should be cut down. However, a more beautiful forest is created despite the forest that is cut down… Although many say politicians are behind all this, I now realise that 99.9% of politicians are not involved in forest destruction activities,” he said.

He said this during an online discussion at the Government Information Department in line with a tree planting programme conducted in the Ipalogama Reserve in Puttalam. 

The State Minister said deforestation in some parts are being carried out around private lands and expressed his regret over the government being blamed. 

He added that large scale plantations are being established adding that he does not condone deforestation and expressed his regret over the many lies on deforestation being circulated.

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