A birthday present for SB from Pohottuwa?

Unconfirmed sources say that it has been proposed to appoint S.B. Dissanayake as the Minister of State for Prison Management and Prisoner Rehabilitation, which was vacated by the resignation of Lohan Ratwatte.

Although SB Dissanayake was one of the most senior politicians in the current ruling party, he was not given any ministerial posts. Recently, the media has seen him openly complaining about this.

His 70th birthday also falls tomorrow (18). Accordingly, a rumor is circulating in the political arena that he will soon get the above-mentioned post of State Minister. When inquired by his friends about this, he had stated that he would accept any post he receives.

However, just like Lohan Ratwatte, SB Dissanayake too has the required qualifications for the post of Minister of Prisons. He was convicted of contempt of court and served a prison sentence from December 2004 to February 2006.

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Although I’m in debt, I have properties. If I had a ministry, I would have earned and saved money- SB

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