A letter to Geneva 

Tamil National Alliance leader R. Sambandan has written to the United Nations Human Rights Council members lamenting the lack of meaningful action to address the post-war issues in the past 12 years. 

It is noteworthy that the letter comes in the backdrop of Sri Lanka preparing for the upcoming UN Human Rights Council session.

In the letter, Sambandan calls to attention the joint statement issued at the conclusion of the visit of the UN Secretary General on 2009 May 23, a week after the end of the war. 

He further points out the continued harassment faced by Sri Lankan Tamils, especially with regard to militarization, political prisoners, and issues faced by those seeking to resettle in their ancestral property in the North. 
The letter requests member countries to examine the Sri Lankan Government’s commitment to peace and declare that it has failed, during the UN Human Rights Council session in February and March 2022. 

Source: Mawrata

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