Sri Lanka Gossip Pond

Sri Lanka Gossip Pond, popularly known as the most visited website in Sri Lanka, was launched in 2019 as a gossipond.blogspot.com Google blog.
From the beginning, the content of those articles was talked about by many. The site was renamed gossippond.com in 2020 and was published.
Sri Lanka Gossip Pond has become a regular site for readers as it investigates the day-to-day controversies of the country, along with readers’ conversations, and is a mirror that reveals information within the field of art and politics in Sri Lanka.

In February 2021, Sri Lanka Gossip Pond was ranked among the 100 most visited websites in Sri Lanka according to the internationally acclaimed Alexa web rankings. From then until now, Sri Lanka Gossip Pond has been able to maintain its position and maintain the trust of its readers.

Sri Lanka Gossip Pond, which has made a significant contribution to the art of web publishing in Sri Lanka from time to time, was once a place for weekend newspapers to write new feature articles. At another time it was a place where alternative news brought news. Artists’ Birthdays were a memorable place to learn about funerals first. It was a place where you could learn more about social issues.

Sri Lanka Gossip Pond creates dialogue in the country as it is a place that allows readers’ opinion without any restrictions. It is against this background that Sri Lanka Gossip Pond has become one of the most searched applications on the internet with a large readership.