Although I’m in debt, I have properties. If I had a ministry, I would have earned and saved money- SB

SLPP MP SB Dissanayake has stated that his salary cannot be donated to the covid repression and that it be completely deducted as a loan installment of Rs. 30 million. Dissanayake had stated this at a recent media briefing.

Q: S.B. Dissanayake why are you in so much debt?

“No, I have never earned like that. When I was in university, I worked, I earned from those job, but as an MP I earned nothing.”

Q: It was said you are paying a loan of 30 million?

“Not really, I have property. I have two and a half acres closer to the Parliament. These days I am trying to sell it. Those are my wife’s land. I also have 50 to 60 acres in Hanguranketha. We are not poor people. But I have not earned through politics. I have no regrets about that. “

Q. How much is the average installment for that 30million loan now?

“The salary is deducted for it completely”

Q. What is the average salary of an MP?

“A small amount, about two and a half lakhs. They have to pay more than that.”

Q. Now you have your vehicles, don’t they need maintenance?

“No, that jeep was also given to me by a friend.”

Q: Is it possible to pay wages for the employees?

“We have to… It is difficult”

Question – Did you build that Hanguranketha house from a loan?

“No, no. It’s our land, our house. It’s not a big house.”

Q: But it was a big controversy in those days, wasn’t it?

“That is what Mrs. Chandrika said. So they are not real. There is no such swimming pool. I grow vegetables. It’s not a pool, it’s a  tank of mud “

Q: If you had a ministry, would it have been better managed at this time?

“Yeah, yeah. Then they would pay for that. If I went to the polls at a time like that, people would come and help. 

He further clarified this in a TV interview. S.B. Dissanayake said this while participating in a news feature program on Hiru TV.

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