Another underworld member killed

A main suspect behind the infamous ‘Samayan murder’ – ‘Kata Roshan’ has been hacked to death in the Nalagasdeniya area in Hikkaduwa, reports say,

Hikkaduwa police has said that the murdered individual is Thuyyadura Roshan Kumara (30) alias ‘Kata Roshan’, who is a resident of the Kalupe Berathuduwa area.

He is said to be a follower of the notorious underworld leader – Makandure Madush, who was killed by police fire.

Madush and several of his followers had murdered rival gang leader – Samayam while the latter was being brought before the Kalutara courts in a prison bus.

Police say that Kata Roshan’s wife is also currently in remand custody, for drug peddling.

Further investigations are underway.

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