Asylum Seekers from Sri Lanka wanted?

My biggest concern is that lack of identity can be an imponderable problem when it comes to healthcare. But, what choices are available?  Life in Sri Lanka at present is difficult. Life abroad is equally treacherous. 

by Victor Cherubim

Is it that bad, or are we being driven by vested interests to seek asylum abroad, jump ship, escape or abscond at the first opportunity which arises, now that we have no easy employment opportunities, due to our present state of affairs in our land? We are not the only ones who have tried this escape route!

Hundreds do this every week by crossing the English Channel. Many succumb to the busy waterway, others think they have found the land of their dreams and end up being put in asylum centres spending years claiming asylum or repatriated. Still, others, think they can remain anonymous without the law tracing them, spending a better part of their working lives, hiding from the law, and even taking a new identity.

Having worked many years among refugees?

It is indeed easy for me to say the above, having never sought asylum anywhere, but having worked among refugee applicants over years.

We know Tamil refugees came to the UK in droves due to ethnicity, during the war days in Sri Lanka, and later Sinhala refugees too, claimed asylum for fear of wonton persecution, among other reasons, some coming out heterosexual. Now, we have yet another justification to claim asylum?

There is no doubt, we are told there is a way out of our misery by running away from our troubles to a foreign shore, leaving everything behind, perhaps, our children, our parents, and all what we had. Earning a living abroad is not easy?

Let me say having lived many years abroad, there is no easy answer to make comfortable lives abroad. Today, with the ongoing war in Ukraine and its refugees, together with the economic pressures of the cost of living, governments everywhere are cracking down hard on illegal immigrants. 

Refugees are stateless

My biggest concern is that lack of identity can be an imponderable problem when it comes to healthcare. But, what choices are available?

Life in Sri Lanka at present is difficult. Life abroad is equally treacherous. 

Instead of being overly focussed on where we want to go next, what we must do, let me invite you to tap, on how we want to feel now. If we “ground ourselves in the moment,” we arrive at a different conclusion. We will survive any calamity? Let’s learn to prevent any similar food and fuel disasters again.

If we check in which repressed feelings are longing to be released, or even expressed, perhaps, letting ourselves cry, shout or scream, do some vigorous exercise, let off steam or any other of our desired form of release of emotion, we come to realise, we are in control, and we see the futility of an easy way out and are able to make a plan of action to take a grip on ourselves. 

We then come to the realisation, “whatever comes up, let it come and let it be,” but we are not going to be driven by easy answers.

Everything in this world has a time span. We have seen over the recent months from 9 June 2022 that there is no need to stress about how quickly time seems to be going, if not flying; our momentum seems to be stalling. 

Once we reach this “pinnacle of contemplation” we see ways of solutions to our problems. We have a guiding light taking us, showing ways at solution, rather than running away from our problems.

We will then make visible and tangible plans to cope with our difficulties. By taking a grip on ourselves, we will show our leaders, how to take a grip on the problems of our country, which we thought weeks, if not months ago, as unsolvable.

We are the only ones who can solve our difficulties? 

It will come to light that by empowering ourselves, we come to the realisation of solving our problems, by ourselves, rather than leaving it to others, to solve it for us. 

This is part of the Buddhist teaching. This is timeless and through our own effort, not expecting any outside assistance. When we reach this stage of our thinking, we will find the whole of mankind wanting to join and help us. 

Problems are there to be solved and be resolved. Let us await this day in due time?

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