Bad people are dragging the country into an abyss, says Wijeweera’s son

Uvindu Wijeweera, the son of JVP founder Rohana Wijeweera, said that bad people are dragging this country to ruin and that if bad people can unite, there should be a platform where good people who are not affiliated to one party can come together.

“The country is now divided into blue, green, red or various other factions. But, there can be at least some good people in all of these parties. This division is not good for the country,” he says.

Uvindu Wijeweera said this at a meeting held in Kuruwita.

“We cannot choose the tactics that our fathers used. Those battles are not suitable for this day and age. There is a world today that is tied to the smartphone. We could create our own new battle within this realm,” Uvindu said.

 He further added, “The service, agriculture and manufacturing economy can be properly managed and the country can recover by solving this economic problem. There are people in this country who can do that.

 We, the second generation want to create a platform for good people from all parties to come together.

 The policy ideology required for the second generation has been created to some extent. Rather than carrying out a policy statement as a second generation, we think of building a national ideology.

This country needs a national ideology. We are creating a program to nurture this national thinking by bringing together the necessary resources, religious leaders, scholars, intellectuals and youth. For that we need people.

Our hope is not to create another Uvindu Wijeweera ideology. For seventy-three years we followed ideologies or visions of various people. But we lost our national ideology in the process. We do not want party politics but a national ideology. A national vision. That must be given to the people of this country. “

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