Cabinet paper by S.M. to blur the President’s dreams!

Minister of Lands S.M. Chandrasena has said that he will submit a proposal for the import of urea fertilizer at today’s Cabinet meeting. 

The Minister said that 50 percent of the urea requirement will be imported next year and it will be further reduced to 25 percent by 2023 gradually switching to organic fertilizer. 

A special cabinet meeting will be held this morning to seek approval for the budget. 

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa also recently stated that the country is moving towards green agriculture as stated in his ‘Vision of Prosperity’ policy statement and that the production of organic fertilizer will definitely make a revolutionary difference.

He further said, “When I came to power the youth came forward, painted on walls, planted the barren paddy fields etc.  I invite them again to come forward and trust this government, trust us. Cultivate paddy fields. Do not be afraid. This is a big difference to switch the fertilizer at once. ”

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