Child who went missing during Dalada Perahera found in Maharagama

The police had found the child that was reported missing when he had come to see the Dalada Perahera, in the Maharagama area. The police have arrested a suspicious person who had brought the child.

The child and the suspicious person were taken into police custody yesterday night (04) in a train heading to Avissawella.

The child is a 9-year-old and the suspect who had taken the child is a 30-year-old resident of Peradeniya.

The child, who resides in Mailapitiya Talatuoya region, came to Kandy with his parents to visit Sridha Dalada Perahera on the 3rd.

There, the suspect brought the child to Colombo without informing the parents.

The parents of the child had notified the police regarding the disappearance of the child.

Issuing a statement the Police Media Division said that criminals could persuade children using various methods to go with them and they abduct children for various intentions. The police said that this had been observed through various incidents.

Therefore, the police warned parents to be extra vigilant about their children especially in festive occasions and crowded places.

The police also urged parents to educate children of the existent dangers for their own safety.

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