Children in Gaza Release Balloons and Throw

In an attempt to convey kids’ wishes and hopes in Gaza, the International Commission for Supporting Palestinian Human Rights held a balloon release event where kids wrote short sentences about their ambitions to live in peace.  During which, they also threw bottles with messages into the Sea holding the exact wishes. The advertising coordinator of ICPSR, Ibrahim Khader, illustrated that the event aims to convey a letter to the international community about the need to shoulder its responsibility toward the Palestinian nation, particularly for children, and the need to ramp up efforts to reach a legal status that would guarantee Gaza’s children’s safety
Ibrahim Khader- the advertising coordinator of ICPSR  has said,

This event is part of a series of events held by the International Commission for Supporting Palestinian Human Rights. It aims to shed light on the children pressing issues regarding the violations and assaults committed by the occupational forces who haven’t hesitated during the last 15 years to commit atrocities against kids. In the latest aggression, about 60 children have been killed. There is a clear disregard for kids’ rights in Gaza. Therefore, in this event, kids aim to tell the world about their stive to live in peace and to have a promising future. The first message is intended for the international community, which entails assuming its responsibility in reclaiming Palestinians’ rights. Human rights institutions’ message also calls for ramping up efforts to reach a legal status for children’s safety and to pile pressure to push for an active Palestinian role in the political arena
Tala- a participant child, said,

We are here to voice our demands. We want freedom and a life with dignity, just like other children worldwide who celebrate and enjoy their holidays. On the other hand, we live under airstrikes, and kids are dying under the debris. This has nothing to do with freedom and peace
Nadeen- a child said ,

As children, we deserve to live a life with dignity; children worldwide enjoy all their rights, whereas we in Gaza only dream about having our rights. We demand the world to halt selling weapons to the occupational forces that use them in targeting us. We deserve to live in peace.
Source-A24 News

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