Eraj, Tilak rob a house in Kollupitiya; Namal’s name also dragged in

Tuan Asan Saleem has lodged a complaint with the Police Headquarters and the Kollupitiya Police alleging that a group had evicted him and his family from their residence on 10th Lane in Kollupitiya yesterday (11) morning by force and had tried to grab the land where they lived.

It is reported that Tuan’s nine children who were living in a container house on that land had been dragged out and the container house had been taken away.

The masterminds of this land grab are said to be two notorious land grabbers, Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Siddique.

It is reported that the contract to evict Saleem and his family from the land was undertaken by Hambantota Mayor Eraj Fernando (Pistol brandishing Mayor) and Raththaran Thilak, a well-known thug.

The owner of the land says that more than 200 armed thugs who had come to the scene at around 2 am yesterday had assaulted their children, ransacked their house and taken over the land by force. However, he said that although he had complained about the incident to the Kollupitiya Police it was to no avail and had later lodged a complaint with the Police Headquarters.

The owner of the land, Tuan, said that the thugs had tried to intimidate him by boasting of their political power using Minister Namal Rajapaksa’s name.

He had told the media that these thugs had threatened his wife and children with weapons.

This is the second instance that Eraj was reported to have come to Colombo to grab lands.

On a previous occasion, Eraj had gone to a disputed land on Kotelawala Avenue in Bambalapitiya and assaulted a security guard and broken his teeth. He had later given him Rs. 2,000. However, he had later surrendered to the police and was released on bail

Colombo businessmen told Sri Lanka Mirror that Eraj, with the connivance of the police, had now resorted to using force to grab lands.

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