Everything from public funds other than minister’s underwear (video)

All Ceylon Farmers Congress national organiser Namal Karunaratne revealed details of a letter, at a press conference yesterday (26) where the coordinating secretary to State Minister for Livestock, Farm Promotion and Dairy and Egg Related Industries has asked the ministry secretary to provide 48 items for the state minister’s use.

He further went on to reveal that the request was made on 10 February and that there is no provision for such purchases or services for personal use in the minister’s budget allocation. 

6 beds, mattresses, living room furniture, TV, Fridges, A/C, washing machine, gas cookers, dinner sets, remote controlled fans, salad cups, tea cups – according to Karunaratne, everything other than the State Minister’s underwear has been requested to be purchased with public money. 

The State Minister meanwhile, has told the media that he is entitled to an official residence and that the restoration and providing the necessary equipment for it is the responsibility of the ministry, adding that the lengthy list shared by Karunaratne is not part of it. 

He further stated that what is there at the residence in question is what’s necessary for his personal staff working at the ministry.

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