Fingerprints of those who stole documents from Kurunegala Hospital, found!

The Kurunegala Police investigating the theft of documents from the archives of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital have found a suspicious fingerprint on the outside of a window.

According to the complaint made by the hospital to the police, more than 1000 files in the archive have been stolen.

Meanwhile, investigations have revealed that among the stolen documents were documents pertaining to mothers who had obtained treatment from the doctor embroiled in a highly controversial issue where there were allegations that the doctor had made them sterile.

However, Senior DIG Lalith S. Pathinayake had told the media that according to investigations carried out so far, there is clearly no link between the theft of documents and that controversial incident.

But he had said that it cannot be totally disregarded either.

Investigations have revealed that the documents had been stolen through a window of the archives room and that the thieves would have removed at least 4-5 sacks full of documents.

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