Former CID Director defrauds Rs.7.5mn

Former Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Director, Acting DIG Rohan Premaratne, has committed fraud by releasing Rs.7.5 million from the judicial custody by producing false reports, the Financial Crimes Investigation Unit at the CID informed the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court yesterday (05).

The CID submitted a report to the court alleging that Premaratne, who is currently serving as the Acting DIG in charge of Western Province (North) has committed these acts of fraud and corruption as the CID Director when he was a Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).

The fraud has taken place on January 28, 2022, but the Financial Crimes Investigation Unit had reported the matter to the court only yesterday (05).

During a case being heard against a group of Nigerians regarding illegal money transactions (undiyal) in Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court, the police informed Additional Magistrate T.N.L. Ilangasinghe that an investigation was launched over releasing Rs. 7.5 million obtained by misleading the Court after submitting false reports.

CID’s Finance and Criminal Investigation Unit-2 OIC Inspector of Police Jayaratne and Sergeant (14719) Priyantha submitted the report to the Court over a complaint made by the former Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security, Jagath Alwis.

Since an act of corruption has taken place in this incident, the police said that it should be investigated by the Bribery Commission, and therefore, requested the court to issue a notice to the Bribery Commission to appear in the court.

The Magistrate: Why is this not being investigated by the police?

The police: The Bribery Commission can investigate this.

The Magistrate: Why make a request to the court then? Why don’t the police go directly and ask the Bribery Commission?

The police: The request was made from the court after informing the Inspector General of Police as well. The concerned amount of Rs.7.5 million has been released in a corrupt manner. This is an act of contempt of court as well. Therefore, the Bribery Commission should investigate it.

Subsequently, the Magistrate issued a notice to the Bribery Commission to appear in the court on October 3.

Source – Aruna

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