Four hundred thousand tax files closed!

Due to periodic tax removals and revisions, the Inland Revenue Department has had to close about 389,600 tax files so far, according to the Secretary of the Inland Revenue Services Association, H.A.L. Udayasiri.

These closed files include 92,000 files due to the abolition of the Nation Building Tax, 17,300 due to the abolition of the Economic Service Charge and 20,300 due to the VAT revision. Apart from this, due to the increase in the income tax threshold from Rs. 12 million to Rs. 300 million, a large number of files had to be closed amounting to around 260,000.

He also pointed out that tax revenue has reduced by 601 billion rupees in 2020 due to tax abolitions and amendments made in 2020.

The Secretary emphasized that the government had not consulted with experts in the field of taxation at the Inland Revenue Department and had neither held any discussions with the trade unions in making these tax cuts and percentage reductions.

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