Galaha Kumara distributes ‘Kudu Salindu’s drugs from prison

A large-scale drug trafficking racket operated by ‘Kudu Salindu’ who is overseas with the help of inmates in prisons, was discovered by the Illegal Assets Investigations Division.

The investigative teams had found a bank account with transactions amounting to more than Rs.20 million and a two-storey house worth about Rs.30 million built with money earned from drug smuggling.

The second wife of ‘Galaha Kumara’ who was identified as the main operator of Kudu Salindu’s drug network throughout the country from Panadura, was residing in the two-storey house.

This house has been built on a plot of land under the name of the suspect woman’s mother at Polgasowita.

Investigations have revealed that Galaha Kumara distributed drugs all over the country from Kalutara Prison.

It has also been revealed that Galaha Kumara has operated the distribution network in Anuradhapura, Kandy and Southern Province in addition to the Western Province with the help of inmates.

It was revealed that Galaha Kumara has previously received drugs in bulk from Shiran Basik, in addition to drug dealer Kudu Salindu.

The second wife of Galaha Kumara has been given funds earned from drug trafficking and two houses are also being built on two other locations.

A lorry and a car, which are said to have been bought with the money earned from drug trafficking, were also taken into police custody a few days ago.

A KDH van which has been used in drug trafficking is also to be taken into police custody.

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