Gas explosion, an intelligence op? (Video)

‘Samabima’ party leader and well known political analyst – Deepthi Kumara Gunaratne has expressed doubts that the recent spate of gas explosions actually could be an intelligence operation.

“Now we know that even if we take the spate of gas-related explosions, there is an intelligence operation there. It is like this. When gas tanks explode, the middle class and shopkeepers become confused… Then, the demand for gas decreases. The gas demand coming down means we are saving our dollars. People who do not understand this kind of situation resort to measures to protect their gas tanks. In fact, we can see that another group has been able to earn money out of this,” he said during an interview with the ‘Voice Tube’ channel.

Analyzing the current political and social environment, he had further said :

“If we carefully look, it becomes apparent that a state of low-quality has prevailed in Sri Lanka in these last two years. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, people had leaned towards an over-consumptive lifestyle which had collapsed midway with the pandemic.”
“Then we saw that the media promoted a tonic called ‘Dhammika Peniya’ as a solution for Covid-19. What came as a solution, heightened the state of low-quality and now the latest episode is exploding gas tanks.

“Everything in this society seems to be in disarray… For example, the dearth of dollars, high inflation, food shortages, increase in violence and domestic violence, issues between men and women… “

“When such issues arise, what people need to know is, the prevailing system is not running on a national level anymore.”
“We know that the pandemic was China-centric. What we need to know is that even illnesses come to us from a global perspective. A national state can no longer manage this. Instead, we are ruled by a group of so-called executives and company presidents. Although we have cast our votes and appointed people, a ruling beyond this cannot take place.”

“Now, for example, our dollar reserves are depleted. In order to replenish this, it was said that China was our friend. But nothing will happen. The US or anyone else is not helping either. They basically act like moneylenders loaning cash on an interest basis.”

“So if people continue to misunderstand this situation and steadfastly rely on superstitions, or if we continue to go behind Gnana Akka in Anuradhapura as a solution… Well, I don’t I think Gnana akka’s solution will work in any way.”

“We do not know what will happen in the future in this pandemic and state of uncertainty. We have no idea if we will be floored completely next year. We are in a state of stupor.”

“I suggest to everyone to please start thinking anew. We have to build a new society. We have to think fresh about this existing system. I invite you to awaken your mind to radical thinking from next year. Open your own window.”

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