Gota hasn’t gone home ; only I went home – Ranil

The uprising of the youth is a major turning point in the current political history and should be accepted by conventional politicians, former PM Ranil Wickremesinghe says.

He has said this by making a special interview on social media. Following are several excerpts of the interview.

“This is a major turning point in the current political history. This is the largest crowd  we’ve seen recently. They came after a single message even without buses.They came to give a very peaceful message. Similar events were held in Kandy as well as in other places. They established their power.”

“This team has come forward. The President was asked to resign. They were not satisfied with the response. This started as a movement of the middle class. The youth came forward, asking for their future to be built or let them do it by themselves.”

“The youth initially said ‘Go Home Gota.’ Gota is yet to go home. I am the only one who bowed to the public will and went home. New power centers have been formed. This is what politicians need to understand.”

“If we do not understand that, we will not be able to move forward. This uprising is a revolution. This is going to become an explosion. While those in parliament are planning for a government change, the youth outside are trying to bring about a political uprising.”

“Parliament must be convened first. The damage will not end here. Inflation is going to skyrocket further. By July – August, it will be impossible to live. When money printing is stopped, it also causes problems. The Central Bank has increased interest rates which in return affects small businesses.”

“We have to do something new to retain the youth in this country. Something new can be created from this collapse. We need to create a competitive economy. This should be done by creating stability and providing relief. We have a new journey to go. If we do not understand this, these people will go on their way, leaving us behind.”

“I understand the pressure you are facing. I know the fear of losing the future. This is being done peacefully. I appreciate that. We need to change the methodology. It has to be done constitutionally and it can be done so. I tell the youth to keep moving forward. To conventional politicians, I say that we should change… Let us understand this and act accordingly.”

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