Greater Matale Water Supply Project opened by Prime Minister

COLOMBO (News 1st); Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said a program is in place to provide clean drinking water to people in rural areas via community water supply projects in line with large-scale projects taking place in the country.

The Prime Minister on Wednesday (28) virtually declared open the Greater Matale Water Supply Project, which according to the Department of Government Information is Sri Lanka’s largest water supply project.

90,000 families living in and around the Matale town will benefit from this project which cost Rs. 31,000 million, funded by the French Government.

‘When foreign diplomats come to visit I always appeal from them to support us in providing access to the clean drinking water to the entire country,’ said the Prime Minister.

Greater Matale Water Supply Project will provide clean drinking water to the people living in Rattota, Yatawatta, Ukuwela, Pallepola, Ambanganga Korale, and Naula areas in Matale who were facing severe difficulties in obtaining clean drinking water, said the Department of Government Information.

Three water projects namely Ambanganga, Ukuwela, and Udatenna will be opened under the Greater Matale Water Supply Scheme.

The Ambanganga Water Supply Project was constructed at a cost of Rs. 5,440 million will provide 20,000 (20,000) new water connections, benefiting 76,740 families who will have access to safe drinking water.

Three high-capacity water tanks will be constructed at Rajjammana, Walmoruwa, and Mahawela Kanda areas and it is expected to supply 18,000 cubic meters of water per day.

The Ukuwela Water Supply Project is another project included in the Greater Matale Water Supply Scheme.

The Rs. 3,150 million project will provide about 8,000 new water connections and benefit 31,908 families.

Udatenna is the last water supply project to be opened under the Greater Matale Water Supply Scheme.

Measures have been taken to provide 12,000 new water connections to benefit 47,918 beneficiary families, covering 37 Grama Niladhari Divisions in the Ukuwela and Rattota Divisional Secretariats.

Two water tanks with a capacity of 1,090 cubic feet and 800 cubic feet will be constructed in the Udatenna and Pansaltenna areas at a total cost of Rs. 3,250 million.

The Greater Matale Water Supply Scheme was initiated during the tenure of the present Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa as the President.

The Minister of Water Supply and Drainage Vasudeva Nanayakkara stated that after the completion of all these water supply projects, it will be possible to increase the clean drinking water cover in the Matale District from 30% to 90%, said the Department of Government Information.

The Laggala and Wilgamuwa water supply schemes are currently under construction and are expected to be vested in the public by the end of this year.

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