Gun-toting Mayor of ‘Toy Pistol’ case, assaults security officers!

Hambantota Mayor – Eraj Ravindra Fernando has assaulted two security officers at a disputed land plot in the Kotelawala Avenue, Bambalapitiya, Colombo, reports say.

The incident had taken place this morning (15).

A Sinhalese businessman and a Muslim businessman have both been claiming ownership of the land, and the Bambalapitiya police had also filed a case, reports say.

In this backdrop, security officers have been deployed by both parties to guard the land.

According to reports, Fernando had assaulted two security officers deployed from the ‘Red Hawk’ security firm on behalf of the Muslim businessman. One security officer had sustained injuries to his teeth and was subsequently hospitalized by the Bambalapitiya police.

This isn’t the first time Fernando had had gained notoriety. In 2019, Fernando was sentenced to prison by the Hambantota High Court over the infamous “Toy Pistol” case.

He was sentenced over the case filed against him for threatening several UNP Parliamentarians with a pistol during their visit to the Hambantota Harbour on April 17, 2014. Fernando was caught on cameras while chasing away UNP MPs while brandishing a weapon, which he later claimed to be a ‘toy pistol’.

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