‘Harak Kata’ accused of possessing only 7 grams of heroin

The Government of Sri Lanka has requested the UAE to keep Nandun Chinthaka alias ‘Harak Kata’ in the custody of the UAE in Dubai until the necessary arrangements are made to bring him to Sri Lanka.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made the request following the advice received by President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The UAE has given a one-month period to bring down ‘Harak Kata’ from Dubai to Sri Lanka which expired yesterday (18).

Though ‘Harak Kata’ has sent trawlers carrying tons of drugs to Sri Lanka in the past, the Police Department has taken a court order against him only for the charge of possessing seven grams of heroin, the security chiefs have informed the President during the National Security Council held on Tuesday last week.

The National Security Council had discovered this information following the submission of the file that the Police Department had prepared to hand over to the UAE Government in order to bring ‘Harak Kata’ to Sri Lanka.

The Police Narcotics Bureau has reported the facts to the court to obtain open warrants for four cases of seized drug consignments sent by ‘Harak Kata’, but due to the delay in the government analyst’s reports, the allegations have not been included in the report.

It has also been revealed that the Sri Lanka Police had obtained a court order to arrest ‘Harak Kata’ only last week.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked for more time to include other allegations in the report.

As the agreement signed in 2014 to exchange prisoners under the extradition law with the UAE has not yet been submitted to Parliament for approval, the President ordered the passage of the Act in Parliament as soon as possible.

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