‘Harak Kata’ arrested in Dubai, but ‘Jilay’ escapes?

One of the main underworld gang leaders involved in drug trafficking in Sri Lanka, Ahangama Midigama Nadun Chinthaka, also known as “Harak Kata”, was arrested at Dubai Airport yesterday (11).

However, although the police claimed that he was arrested as a result of a secret joint operation conducted by the Police Narcotics Bureau and the International Police, “Dinamina” reported that the police are still trying to confirm whether the person arrested was Harak Kata.

He was arrested when he was ready to leave for Malaysia with a woman, he claimed to be his wife. It is also revealed that another underworld criminal known as ‘Jilay’ was with them at the time.

However, there is no information on whether he was arrested or not.

It is said that as a result of a month-long secret operation conducted by the Police Narcotics Bureau together with the International Police, this underworld criminal named “Harakkata” was arrested.

He was arrested as a result of investigations being conducted based on information gathered through the passport he used to leave the country.

 Harak Kata has traveled to many countries from Dubai to Malaysia and Singapore with the same foreign passport in the past, it was revealed during the operation.

It is said that when he arrived at the Dubai airport last week, he was detained by the country’s immigration officials, and then due to some legal situation, he had to be released.

 It is also said that “Harak Kata” has taken the necessary steps to obtain political asylum in France and settle there.

 It is also reported that his most recent travel on this passport was to the Maldives.  

During this operation, it was revealed that Harak Kata was living in Dubai and was in contact with drug traffickers in many countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Seychelles, Maldives and engaged in the distribution of drugs.

 It is also reported that around 20 recent shooting incidents in the country had been coordinated by Harak Kata.

 During the investigation, it was revealed that the shooting at the Galkissa court and the shooting of Kotikawatta Regional Council member Sumudu Rukshan was done by him.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the shooting incident at the Mount Lavinia court and the shooting of Kotikawatta Pradeshiya Sabha member Sumudu Rukshan was carried out on his directive.

 It is also said that the majority of the killings were of persons who had tipped off the police regarding his drug operations.

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