Harak Kata’s supermarket in Tangelle gets sealed off

The Tangalle High Court issued a groundbreaking verdict under the Money Laundering Act last Friday (20), and instructed that all items in a supermarket in Tangalle be offered for sale through Sathosa.

The supermarket is said to have been initiated from funds acquired through heroin peddling of notorious underworld figure ‘Harak Kata’, who is involved in drug sales and other nefarious activities.

The Court arrived at this decision on a request made by the Illegal Assets Investigations Division. More than Rs. 7 Mn worth of goods will be sold though the Sathosa network and be deposited in a bank account opened for the proceeds.  

A discussion in this regard took place on 23 August between the Illegal Assets Investigation Division and the Sathosa chairman. 

The confiscated goods will go on sale on 16 September. 

Previously, a bus purchased by a member of Harak Kata’s gang was taken into custody.

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