Has the police signed an agreement with Covid? One law for the country – another law for the police?

Following is the arrest of Wasantha Mudalige, the convener of the Inter-University Students Federation in Ratmalana yesterday (06) morning by a group including a high-ranking officer of the Sri Lanka Police.

This senior police officer who arrested Wasantha Mudalige is not wearing any face masks. On top of that, he speaks close to the face of the arrested person and pulls him by the hand with the rest of the police officers.

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It cannot be said that this police officer followed the health care practices every other place and did not follow those only here. If he had contracted the covid virus, it would have infected the arrested person as well. Wasantha Mudalige who was arrested was produced before a court yesterday and remanded. If the police officer had covid, it would end up with infecting a large number of other people who came to the relevant court and are in remand prison.

Police Media Spokesman Ajith Rohana in particular has been appearing on almost all media channels and telling the country about the importance of wearing masks to survive the covid virus. He talks about the importance of keeping the one meter distance. The question arises as to whether the other police officers do not pay attention to what he says.

In addition, we have a few other questions.

1. If an ordinary poor man in the country was on the road without a mask, the police would grab him, take him to court and fine him. Accordingly, has any circular or gazette notification been issued stating that the quarantine laws in force in the country do not apply to senior police officers?

2. For the past one and a half years, haven’t the senior police officers been given even a basic knowledge of how the covid virus is spread or how to prevent it?

3. If all this is not the case, has the Sri Lanka Police entered into any agreement with the covid virus to ensure that it is not spread from one police officer to another?

If the Minister in charge of the Police has any feelings about the discipline which he talks several times a day, this officer should have already been quarantined, summoned for a disciplinary inquiry and suspended.

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