Here’s how to get compensation for gas accidents; Criminal cases filed against bosses for “criminal negligence”

Attorney-at-Law Upul Kumarapperuma says that if the companies that produce gas have not changed their gas composition in a proper manner, criminal proceedings could be instituted against those companies under ‘criminal negligence’.

“The head of that institution said that they changed the composition of this. Then if the composition was changed, not within the proper procedure, if it was done carelessly, in such a case there would be criminal negligence. If it was done in such a way that after the composition was changed, the damage was done due to carelessness, without proper understanding, then it’s ‘Criminal Negligence’. Accordingly a criminal case can be filed.”

Kumarapperuma pointed out that the general public affected by gas accidents could also take legal action against the companies involved.

“Compensation can also be sought for those injured. Compensation can also be sought for property damage in a civil case.”

Kumarapperuma also pointed out that the Consumer Protection Authority could be directly involved in the incident and a proper investigation could be carried out and the license could be revoked.

“The Consumer Protection Authority can intervene directly in this matter and after looking into what the problem is and if there is any problem against the relevant agency, they can file a case and suspend the license.”

He further pointed out that if the government had not intervened in this case, a writ petition could have been filed in the Court of Appeal seeking enforcement of the law under the violation of fundamental rights.

“If the government does not intervene in this and the people are in danger, the government must definitely take action. Otherwise, it is a violation of the fundamental rights of the people. People can also file a writ petition in the Court of Appeal if they want the law to be enforced on the basis that the government is not acting in this regard. This has to be formally investigated to determine if there is an error. But now a committee has been set up. That’s why it’s not a problem. It does not apply.”

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