I can’t shut my mouth by giving posts that ate the country from the budget – Chancellor Murutthettuwe Thero

The Chancellor of the University of Colombo, Ven.Murutthettuwe Ananda said,

“The Minister of Finance presented the inaugural budget but before the budget was presented not only the prices of all essential commodities from sand to sugar canes were increased but also the people had to wait in line to get those items to buy rice,
 sugar and gas to buy whatever They had to wait in line. The things they needed were too limited to buy the quantity they wanted.

There is no relief for the people in this.

The President has decided that we do not say it is terrible about organic fertilizer, but the removal of what our soil is accustomed to at once has finally led to the loss of even the wheat seed.

There was a queue era in Sirimavo’s time.
By extending the retirement age of public servants to 65, we see that the opportunity for newcomers to enter the public service will take longer because training in essential services is not a problem. Still, our feeling is that this does not fit everything.

More allocations for health will lead to a healthier population. Therefore, more grants should be made for education and health.

Candidates and MPs share a piece of paper with the people before the election, but after winning, they give the paper to the people and enjoy themselves.

If the budget presented is not implemented correctly, the people who were fed up with the government two years ago will get fed up with it.

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