If CEB is making losses, is parliament making profits?

Raising the electricity bill by 75%, on the grounds that the Electricity Board is losing money, is extremely unfair and the people are unable to bear this burden, said the Convenor of the CEB Trade Union Alliance Ranjan Jayalal, adding that the decision should be withdrawn immediately.

He pointed out that the public should not have to pay 75% more for power bills in order to pay for the losses caused by politicians and several officials stealing from the CEB.

Jayalal said that due to various issues such as financial irregularities and tender procedure violations by several politicians and officials in the Electricity Board during the past period, the consequences cannot be allowed to be piled on the people.

He questioned why the power bills should be increased claiming that the CEB is making losses and whether the parliament that sustains 225 parliamentarians is a profit-making establishment. He argued that in that case, parliament should be closed down on the grounds that it is a loss-making establishment.

In particular, he added that even if the electricity bill is increased, neither the board nor the country will benefit from it, and the percentage of electricity bill increase is a manifestation of the weakness of the country’s management in general.

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