If the SLFP want, they can leave the government. There will not be much of an impact whether they are there or not – Dilum

Minister of State Dilum Amunugama emphasizes that the SLFP can leave the government if they wish and even if they do so, it will not have a major impact on the composition of the government.

“The support of the SLFP was never there. We only got their support for the last presidential election. Otherwise, their support was for the UNP. That is the true story. We acknowledge and respect the support given to President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa for his victory in the last Presidential Election.

The SLFP won a certain number of seats as they contested with Pohottuwa. If not they will be able to win not even close to two or three. That is the true story. But as a separate party, they can negotiate and make decisions. They can stay with the government or leave if they want. There is no hindrance to that. This will not have a big impact on the composition of the government, whether they are there or not, because there’s only a small number of them are serving as MPs, ”he said.

Dilum Amunugama stated this while expressing his views to the media in Kandy yesterday (10).

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