Illegal sand mining in the East for a Maldives island 

Sand is being illegally mined from various places in the Eastern Province to build an island in the Maldives, said Tamil National Alliance Batticaloa District MP Chanakya Rasamanikkam in parliament yesterday (7).

He alleged that those behind this illegal activity are a Minister from Sri Lanka Freedom Party, MPs from the SLPP and are supported by the Governor as well. 
He went on to state that he has no objection if this was a way of earning foreign revenue for the country but it is doubtful in this instance and that the Governor has no respect for the rule of the law.

He requested the Speaker to find a solution to this issue.

Chief Organizer of the ruling party, Johnston Fernando said that the relevant Minister will be asked to make a statement and that the Government does not evade questions posed. He added that Minister Chanakya’s statements were all geared towards the media, which is regrettable.

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