Inferior drugs at government hospitals

Although around 3,000 types of drugs are imported, it has been revealed that the facilities of the State Pharmaceutical Corporation are only available for testing on three hundred and sixteen types of drugs.

Since June last year, 193 samples have been sent to the Pharmaceutical Corporation and 45 of them have been confirmed to be substandard.

Meanwhile, the State Ministry of Pharmaceuticals and Regulation issued 80 circulars last year on substandard supplies, including medicines issued to government hospitals by the Medical Supplies Division.

The Ministry of State has informed the National Audit Office that it is not practical to test all stocks of drugs received by the Medical Supplies Division due to the existing quality laboratory testing facilities and their inadequate capacity.

The notice was issued in connection with an audit and the National Audit Office has recommended to the Ministry that medicines be issued to hospitals only after a quality check and that steps be taken to eliminate the risk of prescribing substandard drugs to patients.

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