Intelligent people do not protest on streets. Those parties will be cursed, there is no recovery – Johnny

The Minister of Highways Johnston Fernando has stated that no intelligent person in this country is thinking of agitating against the government at this moment and that the political parties that are protesting at this moment will never be able to recover from its curse.

“We believe that we will be able to complete and open the Kelani Bridge in the last week of August or September so that the people of this country can use it. They are attacking us because we are working with China. No, we work with China, we work with Japan and we work with Britain. Also, in terms of projects in this country, investors from different parts of the world are investing in our country. They are only attacking China and attacking us to stop these projects. That is the truth.

We know they are trying to create various obstacles. No intelligent person in this country will be thinking of protesting. A leader of an intelligent political party is never going to support protests. When we are trying to fight covid, when we have made plans to suppress the covid and open up the country and strengthen the economy from the people of this country, do not take these innocent people to the streets and go and do things that are destructive. I would like to remind you with great affection that those political parties will never recover from that curse, ”he said.

Minister Johnston Fernando said this while participating in the ceremony to lay the two concrete sections of the new Kelani Bridge yesterday (10).

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