Islamic Extremists are Now Winning

While there are several groups amongst the terrorists/Islamic groups , they are all united in their objective and various groups are likely to  coordinate their activities much better and much more confidently in the coming  days.

by N.S.Venkataraman

There is no doubt whatsoever that Talibans  have recorded  emphatic military victory in Afghanistan, leading to a situation where Americans have to run out of Afghanistan to save their skin.

Pakistan Intel ISI Chief Hameed Faiz (circled in red) with Taliban leaders in Kandahar.

Many wonder as to why even when it was clearly known that Americans have to  fly away from Afghanistan   and even US intelligence sources confirmed that ,  the US government  could not evolve a face saving formula to make it look like a dignified exit. It is also surprising that the  US government did not even make some alternate arrangements to protect the people of Afghanistan from the brutality of Talibans . While President Joe President is trying to explain away the situation stating that the adverse developments that are now taking place in Afghanistan  after US troops leaving that country are inevitable   and  the Afghan government has to be blamed for this , no one is buying such  explanation.  The fact is that the  USA has humiliated itself in Afghanistan, obviously due to the weak and confused  policy  process of the  US  government led by Joe Biden.

With the defeat of  the USA in Afghanistan, the morale of the terrorists / Islamic extremists   all over the world have gone up several times and   now they are more confident than ever that the world can be brought under Islamic leadership and Shariat law.

While there are several groups amongst the terrorists/Islamic groups , they are all united in their objective and various groups are likely to  coordinate their activities much better and much more confidently in the coming  days.

As of now, it appears that terrorists/Islamic extremists are winning.

The fact that even within a week of Taliban taking over Afghanistan, the British Prime Minister said that British government may hold  discussion with Taliban , shows how  directionless the USA and NATO countries have now become.   At present, the  entire focus  of USA  and NATO countries is to ensure  that  their citizens in Afghanistan would leave  from the embattled country and nothing more than that.

A few cosmetic steps like freezing the account of Afghan government or cancelling aid to Afghan government will have absolutely no impact on the mind set of the terrorists / Islamic extremists, now controlling Afghanistan.

It is well known that demographic structure of West European countries have already been seriously disrupted due to the influx of refugees and migrants ,with considerable  section of them owing their allegiance to Islamic religion.  As a result, bombings and violent attacks have become too frequent in these countries,  with the likely grim possibility of muslims now well settled  in these countries  ,multiplying their population several times in quick period.  The conditions in countries like Canada is no better.  In such situation, the threats from terrorists and Islamic groups for the west European countries and Canada are no more from outside but from within.

With  greedy and expansionist China  ready  to fish in troubled water , China is now befriending the Talibans . The muslim populated Pakistan is already under China’s firm control. Perhaps, China would encourage these terrorists /Islamic extremists to oppose and attack US and West European countries,  even while protecting itself in China  from the terrorists by its ruthless governance in China.  While the democratic countries in Western Europe  and USA have already given a free passage to the muslims , quite a number of whom may have terrorist inclination, China will not allow such developments to happen in China.

The net result of Taliban taking over Afghanistan is that many law abiding citizens all over the world have lost their faith that USA and other democratic countries in Europe can effectively fight against the terrorists/Islamic extremists and save the world from terrorism.

UNO, which has now been reduced to the  level of a debating club , can only discuss , condemn terrorism  and  can do nothing more than that.

For the terrorists / Islamic extremists,  apart from USA and West European countries , the immediate target is  India.  It is disturbing that there are a few  spokespersons for terrorists and Talibans in India and these spokespersons are exploiting the  freedom in Indian democracy to air their views  and create a favourable view of terrorism / Islamic extremism  in India.

As of now, terrorists / Islamic extremists are winning   and China would be on the “ winners” side. The weak leadership in USA and West European countries  have no clue  as to how to tackle this uncertain and disturbing developments.

In these circumstances, it  is likely that China may entertain the idea  of  entering Taiwan and occupying the country,  knowing clearly well that the weak leadership of Europe and West European countries will not come to the defence of Taiwan beyond a level and they would only bark and would not bite .

China knows this too well , as when it  occupied Tibet aggressively and  massacred thousands of peacefully protesting Tibetans , USA and West European countries  had  only barked against China and did not bite China. 

Chin,once again , is likely to  experiment in Taiwan with it’s Tibet  approach . 

 In such situation of weakening governments in USA and west  Europe,  terrorists/Islamic extremists would help each other   and would be helped by China in achieving their  common objective of overpowering USA and West European countries and,  of course  India.

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