“Issues cannot be resolved by shuffling the pack”

The country’s problems cannot be solved by a cabinet reshuffle and it is the same set of cards that are being shuffled in this cabinet game.

He also points out that the topic of a cabinet reshuffle is brought up  at the moment to divert people’s attention.

The JVP General Secretary therefore, called on the people to work to reject both of these key groups.

He said that people are well aware that the time has come to put an end to shifting politics, adding that the current crisis is not one that has arisen naturally, but one that was created by President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

He points out that essential commodities and vegetables, including gas and milk powder, are currently being sold at exorbitant prices and that the collapse of agriculture was not as a result of any natural disaster.

He told a media briefing at the JVP headquarters yesterday (2nd) that the people were lamenting about the crisis in the country, but the government was not prepared to make amends.

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