Jacqueline buys a bungalow to living together with her South Indian boyfriend

Following the news about the boyfriend of the beautiful actress Jacqueline Fernandez, Indian Bollywood tabloids have started publishing headlines about her personal life these days. According to reports, she has fallen in love with a South Indian business entrepreneur and is looking for the following steps to live with him. 

According to a report in the Times of India, Jacqueline has been looking for a new home in Juhu & Bandra, India, for the past two months, but the great news is that she is not working alone.

Her business boyfriend is also said to be visiting homes.

The Indian media has reported with reports about the house that they are going to buy at a high price as they have a liking for a Juhu bungalow facing the sea.

According to the reports, the couple has already paid the advance payment for the house and is currently repairing the interior of their new bungalow with a French architect.

According to the first reports from the country, they are planning to move into the house after the removal of the COVID-19 lockdown Mumbai.

 “It is clear that their relationship is very deep. While the boyfriend is dealing with property scams, Jacqueline seems to constantly make video calls and discuss things about their home with each other. ‘

A neighbour commented on this.

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