Kuttiarachchi who wanted luxury ride, now wants to donate salary

Badulla District Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna MP Janaka Tissa Kuttiarachchi says that he will donate his six months’ salary to the government based on the concept that example is more important than advice.

Speaking to the media in Bandarawela he said, “At this moment the people of the entire country are under a lot of pressure. As politicians, I think we need to talk about the real situation in the country at this time. There is a dollar crisis in the country at the moment and imports have been restricted. There is a huge crisis that is affecting the country’s future.

Instead of taking sides based on politics and trying to topple the government and bring in a new government, instead of distributing pamphlets in the villages and towns and criticizing the government, the best thing to do is to think about the country and forget about party slogans.

If anyone is trying to completely blame the government for this situation, I think that is cruel. I would like to suggest that at this moment everyone needs to make sacrifices.
Hence, by setting an example, I urge everyone to make sacrifices and starting from me, there are 225 in parliament.

This might be a controversial move, but if all 225 MP could have their pay cut for six months and send that money to the Treasury, that could be a solution to the country’s current crisis.

With the aim of starting from me, I will write to the Parliament Secretary to cut my salary for six months and donate that to the Badulla District Secretariat for the people. I will be making this proposal to the President as well. Instead of waiting for others to act, I think we Members of Parliament need to set an example and start with us.”

Need vehicles…
However, at a media briefing held at the SLPP Office, he had said that the MPs including himself are living very difficult lives.

He had noted that the MP quarters at Madiwela are leaking during the rains, taps are leaking and these quarters are in a dilapidated state. 

He had also pointed out that outstation MPs have to come to Colombo several times a week in their private vehicles.

The MP had therefore asked for some luxury vehicles claiming that they had made sacrifices over a year without claiming an allowances.
Hence, he had said that he cannot make any more sacrifices and there is nothing he can do with the paltry salary he gets as an MP.
Earlier it was reported that Kuttiarachchi had received a brand new Prado.

These reports said that he had received this Prado for standing up for the government over the recent past.

Recently, ‘Mawrata’ had reported that several MPs had asked him about his new Prado and he had responded that he had heavily defended the government in recent times and therefore, had received the Prado.

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