LPBOA to introduce bus service sans conductors soon

Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) to introduce a ticketing system in place of a physical conductor in the bus.

LPBOA President Gemunu Wijerathne told the Daily Mirror that the request regarding amending the Motor Traffic Act was to send the Transport Minister and the Secretary

He said the decision was taken considering the hardships currently faced by the bus owners to employ conductors.

Therefore, the LPBOA has decided to operate the buses without the support of the conductors, he said.

“An automated ticketing system will be fixed in the buses near the front door in the future, and discussions regarding installing the facility were held with the local state bank. Until the automated ticketing system is fixed, the current electronic ticketing machine will be fixed and passengers can get their relevant tickets by themselves, “Mr. Wijerathne said.

“The rear doors of the buses will remain closed and passengers will be transported only to seating capacity. There will be a box near the front door of the bus where passengers would drop the bus fare for the distance they travel. The bus fare as per the distances will be announced in the bus, “he said.

Therefore, Mr. Wijerathne asked the passengers to pay the accurate bus fare to travel the distance the passengers intend to.

“The passengers have to drop the bus fare in the box and obtain the ticket, or they can place the pre-paid cards on the electronic ticketing machine and get the ticket, because no change will be given. The driver would not involve in issuing tickets and will only concentrate in driving, “he said.

However, it is not compulsory, he said.

“The drivers can employ the conductor or not. CCTV camera systems with GPS technology will be installed in the buses to monitor activities, “Mr. Wijerathne said.

“With the current situation in the country, we cannot go for an instant bus fare increase along with the increase of essential commodities. With the current situation, we cannot even save the cost of the wastage of tyres,” he said.

“We envisage honesty among passengers here. With the introduction of this new system, we hope to provide a quality bus service. Most of the problems were raised by the conductors, “Mr. Wijerathne said.


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