Media can make or break governments, but cannot protect them- PM

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the media has the ability to bring a government to power as well as overthrow governments, but the media cannot protect governments.

The Prime Minister said this while participating in the inaugural ceremony of the presentation of Asi-disi Insurance to the media at Temple Trees today (02).

He also said that only those who govern have the ability to protect the government.

“Journalists did a great service to bring us to power. But now we are accusing the media of not being with us. This is not strange. The media can form governments. A government that can overthrow governments and they can bring a government to power. However, the media cannot protect a government. It is only those who govern that can safeguard the government. If the media tries to safeguard the government, then they will have to be awarded a much bigger insurance. Although the media has understood this, I am doubtful if our people have understood it.”

The Prime Minister said that he was closest to journalists, apart from lawyers by profession, and therefore recalled an incident he faced earlier.

“I am not a reporter, I am the editor”

“Professionally, except for lawyers, I was most close to the media. I remember when I came to a group meeting that day, the President said there the reporter is coming. I said I am not a reporter, I am the editor. I provided news to the media after editing it so that no harm would come to the party nor myself,” the PM said.

The time has come for the government to take difficult decisions instead of popular ones, he added.

” Our government is now entering an era where difficult decisions have to be taken instead of popular ones. We are ready to take those difficult decisions. We have to take those decisions for the benefit of the country. Hence, when such decisions are taken for the sake of the country, I hope that the media will stand by us,” he added.

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