MoH issues relaxed health guidelines

The Health Ministry has issued new guidelines for public and work activities from 16 Dec to 31 Dec 2021.

Although it was previously stated that the guidelines from Dec. 01- 15 would be extended, the latest guidelines have announced relaxed regulations.

According to latest guidelines, guidelines pertaining to weddings and funerals have been eased. Liquor is now allowed at weddings and with a maximum of 50 percent of the usual capacity of the hall. Earlier, only 1/3 of the usual capacity was allowed.

Earlier, weddings were allowed only with 1/3 of the usual capacity of the hall not exceeding 200 persons with no liquor served.

In addition, funerals should be held within 24 hours of releasing the body with 30 attendees at a given time while it was 20 earlier.

The full guidelines are as follows :

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