More land allocated to Lotus Tower project

The Cabinet has given the green light to a proposal presented by the President to allocate more land to the Lotus Tower project in Colombo.

The resolution tabled by the President as the Minister of Technology to transfer the land in extent of 4 acres, 3 roods and 24.47 perches in the proximity of the tower project and belong to the Urban Development Authority to Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, was approved.

Pointing out that the construction activities of the Lotus Tower are nearing completion, the Cabinet has been informed that the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is planning the commercialization and monitoring activities.

A document by the Department of Government Information announcing this week’s cabinet decisions note : “It has been recognized that further development activities such as the construction of a modern water park near Lake Berre in the proximity of the tower in order to attract and arrest the attention of local and foreign tourists, and installation of food stalls, construction of offices, accommodation and infrastructure facilities for the staff expected to be engaged in the service of the tower, further extension of the existing car park etc, closer to the tower have to be carried out for the convenience of the staffs relevant to the tower operational activities.”

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