Nawaloka Hospital – Chinese embassy hold talks

A team of representatives and experts from Nawaloka Hospital held an in-depth and open discussion with Counselor Hu Wei, Deputy Chief of the Chinese embassy in Colombo on Wednesday (14).

Consultant Microbiologist – Dr. Y.W.S. Suranadee, Director General Manager – Prof Lal Chandrasena and Deputy Chairman  – Mr. Harshith Dharmadasa had represented the Nawaloka Hospital.

On July 12, the embassy issued a notice that the embassy had suspended the Nawaloka hospital as a designated hospital for PCR and IgM anti-body tests.

This measure has been taken after several passengers from Sri Lanka holding the negative reports of PCR and IgM anti-body tests issued by Nawaloka hospital were diagnosed as COVID-19 patients after they entered China, the embassy added.

During the discussion on Wednesday, both sides had reviewed the whole process of testing, examined all possible causes of the incidents, and agreed that various factors could lead to discrepancy in test report, a media release by the hospital notes.

Meanwhile, an embassy spokesman said that both sides will work together and improve the testing process and that the suspension will be lifted after it would be  ensured that no similar case will happen again.

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