Nidarshana 2 months pregnant, father reveals!

It is reported that many facts have been revealed regarding the death of 13 year old Yogarasa Nidarshana in Moongilaru village in Mullaitivu.Police told the media that they detained the suspects and they are being questioned in connection with the incident.

Name – Yogarasa Nidarshana
Age – 13 years
Residence – Mullaitivu, Mungilaru

Nidarshana was reported missing on December 15th and her body wasfound on December 18th. She is suspected to have been murdered.

Her relatives hadearlier told the police that Nidarshana had disappeared while on her way to hersister’s place about 500 metres from her home. However, the police suspectedthat this was a fabricated story.

Thereafter, herbrother-in-law (sister’s husband) had been arrested on suspicion.

The police said thatNidarshana’s father had revealed many details regarding the incident. He had told the policethat upon learning that Nidarshana was two months pregnant, her mother hadattempted to abort the foetus.

Police suspect that the girl may have died during the attempted abortion.

The post-mortem examination revealed that the girl’s teeth had come off.

The police suspect that the girl’s body may have been underwater for a considerable amount of time.

Mullaitivu District Judge T. Saravanaraja inspected the area near a well yesterday (23) where her body is suspected to have been.

The magistrate conducted further investigations at the girl’s home and ordered police to present a light blue table as case material.

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