Nigerians who siphoned Rs. 13.5mn, arrested

Details of a massive financial fraud by a group of Nigerians have been revealed in an investigation by the Computer Crime Division of the CID.

The group had conned various women and smuggled billions of rupees using many methods including cryptocurrency.

Details have been revealed while investigating a complaint lodged by a female apparel technician.

Two Nigerians living in the Dehiwala area, have got to know the 57 year old victim through WhatsApp and had informed her that they intended her to join them for a project in Sri Lanka from London.

Later, they had informed her that she had been sent dollars and a box of gold jewelry from London and in order to get Customs clearance, she would have to deposit Rs. 504,000 to a bank account of a person posing as a courier agent.

The victim had realised that she was conned after she did not receive the cash and jewelry and had subsequently lodged a complaint.

When investigating the account, it was learnt that the account belonged to a woman named Fathima who resided in Col. 12. After being arrested and questioned, Fathima had revealed that a young man of Muslim ethnicity had made her open a bank account and obtain a debit card, in exchange for a package of goods worth Rs. 10,000.

Further investigations have revealed that an organised group of youths have been paid Rs . 20,000 for each bank account.

Two Nigerians involved were arrested in Dehiwala on Sep. 18.

Police have found 21 debit cards in their possession which they had obtained by conning various poor women living in Colombo.

It has been revealed that this gang had siphoned Rs. 13.5 million out of the country while swindling people in this manner during the last two months.


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