No trace of missing prisoner in Welikada

An inmate of the Welikada Prison has been missing for five days.

The drainages and sewers at the Welikada Prison have also been searched, but to no avail.

This prisoner was brought to the prison on September 16 after being sentenced to one month’s imprisonment for being unable to pay a fine of Rs.2,000 for a drug offence.

The prisoners who were brought from the court were temporarily detained until they were examined by the doctor. After being sent for medical examination, the inmates were to be sent to the prison cells at around 8.00 pm.

After it was discovered that one prisoner was missing, continuous operations were launched to locate him. A senior jail officer said that there is no evidence to determine whether he had escaped after jumping over the wall.

The officer said that even though some prisoners were found hiding for hours in the ditches and sewers with the intention of escaping, there is no trace of this prisoner.

However, two suspects of the adjacent Magazine Prison were found hiding in a tree with the intention of escaping.

An investigation has been launched under the Welikada Prison Superintendent on the orders of Prison Commissioner General Thushara Upuldeniya over the disappearance of the prisoner.

Source – Aruna

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