Online romance ends up in the well!

A 15-year-old schoolgirl from Siyambalewa village in the Karuwalagaswewa Police Division has committed suicide by jumping into a well near her house on the morning of the 29th due to a love affair.

The victim was a Grade 10 student of a school in the Karuwalagaswewa area.

The mother of the deceased girl has given her a mobile phone for online education with the money earned from working as a hired hand.

Investigations have revealed that the girl had been having a secret affair with a 17 year old youth in the Karuwalagaswewa area on the phone given to her by her mother for educational purposes.

Police investigations have revealed that the girl had exchanged text messages with her boyfriend on the night of the 28th and the morning of the 29th and that she had been worried about something since then.

The police said that the girl’s father goes to guard the paddy fields at night and returns home the next day after 7 am.

The girl’s mother also leaves home to pick vegetables at the Kalpitiya vegetable stalls at 5 am and the sister has left for work at a garment factory in the Mahawa area in the morning.

The girl after an argument with her boyfriend over the phone and had committed suicide by jumping into an abandoned well less than 200 meters from the house when no one was at home.

The girl’s father has lodged a complaint with the Karuwalagaswewa Police stating that his daughter had been missing from home since the early hours of the morning and that no information was available about her until noon on the 29th.

When the police arrived and searched the house and surroundings they had found a letter written in the girl’s handwriting.

The police said that the girl had been upset about something and she had committed suicide over it.

Later, the Karuwalagaswewa Police, Divisional Crime Investigation Officers and (Soko) villagers had emptied the water from several nearby wells and had found the girl’s body in the deserted well.

Police suspect that the girl had jumped into the well around 6 am on the 29th.

The body of the girl was taken to the Judicial Medical Officer of the Puttalam Base Hospital based on the order issued to the Karuwalagaswewa Police by the Puttalam Municipal Coroner M. Vijaya Samaratunga.

The Karuwalagaswewa Police had arrested the 17-year-old boy on suspicion of being the boyfriend of the girl on suspicion of murder.

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